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Chances are you send emails. You might even send a lot of emails. But all that time composing an email and spell checking your sentences has never earned you any money. That's about to change for you. Whether you're using Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Live, Hotmail, MailChimp, AWeber, Sendy or your own customer email program, Footrr will work with it!

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Your audience can connect with you on a truly personal level now. Reach them in their inbox.

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Human Approval

Every advertisement is approved by a real person to ensure your reputation is protected. That means no Footrr Advertisement in your email will be violent, hateful, racist, illegal or adult orientated and we ensure they are accurate and high quality. We have strict guidelines on what is and isn't acceptable and you get all the benefits of human approval, instead of computers thinking they know best.

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Human Approval

How you get paid

We pay you through PayPal every month. PayPal is a free online bank account with very high security. It's easy to use and over 157 million people around the world are using it.

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You're already sending emails. Whether it's one a week or two thousand a day you might as well increase your income at the same time.

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